Here are some important links to other websites providing relevant information about me:

You may want to visit my other websites. The following three websites are dedicated to providing overview of the development of my personal modality for counselling and psychotherapy, Conscience Therapy. They will provide you with the following information:

  • Help you develop your understanding of the topics of conscience, addiction, recovery, spirituality and body image.

  • Introduce you to the project of developing Conscience Therapy and its steps of completion and publication.

  • Propose counselling as the means for application of the model in your treatment and life.

  • Offer services which will provide support in your journey of recovery, development and achievement of your goals in life.

  • Provide you with relevant articles to expand your knowledge on the subjects of addiction, conscience, spirituality and recovery.

  • Offer relevant workshops and seminars.

The following website will provide you with the framework for support in time of marital crises.

The following website will provide you with the framework for coaching support.

The following website will provide you with information and answers for people fighting addiction. is an informational resource for those who are affected by alcohol and drug dependence.