The introductory presentation of the book Conscience Therapy: Unveiling the Power of Spirituality in Conscientious Transformation (2022).

How to manage bias: An approach which shows the power of a combined method involving Psychology and Theology to prompt exploration, understanding and applications on the subject. Further reading and talking support is suggested.

How to manage anxiety: A perspective combining Art, Psychology and Theology. There is an element of application and follow up direction to suitable reading.

How to manage your conscience: Conscience is very complex and requires a profound understanding. Gaining the right perspective on conscience is fundamental for its proper and effective management.

How to manage your anger: That's a million dollar question. There are various types of support available everywhere. But what is actually helpful for you? This animation video is offering a blend of Neuroscience, Psychology and Theology for the provision of solution. All around approach is offered which combines these three sciences. Conscience Therapy is a new modality which provides tools for managing anger. This is accessible in a further reading.

Managing Negative Emotions: An animated journey from naming the emotions through expressing them, finding them in the bible and managing them effectively.